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Straight from Replica Prada Bags archives, this is a bag that you want to eat. Yum yum, but unfortunately, that would destroy the design.

Replica Prada Bags

With cakes that looks like flowers, pack inside a beautiful bag in black and pink. You carry the handles like it’s a small basket.

No matter where you go, eyes will turn to you (and perhaps also hungry faces). It’s definitely a conversational starter as well as a beautiful item for your wardrobe.

Or image you fill it up with your own cakes and bring it to your friends to eat and taste, how wonderful would that be?

Unfortunately this bag was limited, it’s currently unavailable, however, you might be able to pick it up as used. Just to give you some indication, there are more colors available like pink and beige, the bag is made back in 2005 and it’s called Prada Replica Handbags. At that time it was priced at £300 GBP.